The Hotel Spichrz is located in the interior of an 18th – century Swedish granaries and in a tenement house from the eighteenth/ nineteenth century. In the southern part it borders on the Vistula and Bulwar Filadelfijski Street, in the eastern part – on Mostowa Street.
The Spichrz offers 19 rooms, ranging from single and double rooms, two-storey rooms – studios, to spacious apartments with a view over the Vistula. Wooden ceilings and pillars, thick walls, cosy interiors and a terrace attract guests who value peace and comfort. 


The Hotel Spichrz is situated in the centre of the Old Town, among other monuments of Toruń that are a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Two – wing, four – storey granary built by Jan Noggen – a merchant from Toruń – is at present one of the biggest buildings of this kind in Poland. Over the years it served as a granary, military barracks and in 1823 the Prussian authorities converted the granary into a food storehouse for the army. The date is significant since that year all ceilings were replaced and new stairs and a roof were installed. The granary was connected with the tower (situated in a row of medieval defensive walls) by adding the so-called passage with a crane. The tower was also converted: the roof was changed into a gabled one, the crane with a huge treadmill and a beam to wind a transport rope were installed. With slight changes, the granary survived till the 1990s, serving in the meantime e.g. as an office.

In 1999, the present owners started renovation works. The restoration of the original arrangement of interiors, antique wooden beams, ceilings, the repair of the crane wheel and adaptation of the Swedish granary to the hotel and restaurant lasted to 2003 when the Hotel Karczma Spichrz was officially opened.

prizes and awards

  • Mayor of the City of Toruń Award “Building of the Year 2003/2004” for restoration and conversion of a historical building;
  • Chief Art Restorer Award “Well-restored Historical Building AD 2005” for renovation, restoration and adaptation of the Swedish granary with a crane tower;
  • main prize in the all-Poland contest “Modernization of the Year 2003” in the category Hotel and Tourist Buildings for renovation and modernization of the Swedish granary;
  • certificate “Gold Standard in Customer Service” in 2012;
  • participation in the European Network of the Culinary Heritage of Pomerania and Kujawy, certifying the quality of traditional and innovative food promoting traditions of the region.

meters to the Vistula river
meters to Szeroka Street - the main pedestrian street in Toruń
meters to the Teutonic Castle
meters to the Copernicus Monument
meters to the Old Town Square

Hotel Karczma Spichrz
Mostowa 1
87 – 100 Toruń
Recepcja: +48 603 381 498
Karczma: +48 885 267 423